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So....what did you do to your foxbody today?

Well, I'm seeing the same measurement on mine. Looks like it would work. Any idea how hard it will be to find a set?
Yeah finding a set might be the hardest part. The other thing is they will probably have to be painted to match those wheels as the Cobra's are polished.
One other thing is that they are slightly convex or domed in shape versus the centers for those which are flat or maybe slightly concave. So I am not sure how they will look.

I also see the '05-'09 centers look similar. Though I don't have any measurements on those.

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The Cobra center caps have "holes" that go over the studs/lugs.
Not sure if you knew anyone around that had one you could try out.

If you'd like, I'll measure one of mine and get the diameter.
If they are the same diameter I'd even loan you one to try for fit if you wanted.

Your post on your build thread (street wheels) reminded me that I should update you guys on what I ended up doing with my pace car (rear) street wheels.

I was looking for a set of the cobra center caps you suggested and I came across a complete set of cobra wheels for a good price (although they were missing 2 center caps. Figures, huh?). Funny thing is, the ad used the same pic you posted above lol! Anyway, I picked them up for a decent price.

In the meantime, another local guy contacted me about some parts I was selling. Long story short, I ended up trading for a set of these:
This should solve my problem and I almost went with these to begin with, anyway. So problem solved.


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