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So....what did you do to your foxbody today?


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79 Hatch Base V-8
Parted out 93GT For 5-speed Driveline, Suspension, 5-Lug 11" Brakes, 5-Lug Yukon Axels,++++++
The 93 ended up being great partout. Local towing auction $500, a friend wanted the engine so $250 each.
Sometimes too good to be true works out.
Russell on brakes, more info coming.
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I've been home for a few days and got a some work done to the pace car. New rear shocks, front drag struts, caster camber plates, new Quickfuel 650 carb, and remounted alternator (had to reconfigure the alternator and belt setup because there was too much flex in the lower mounting bolt).20190621_223157.jpg


Since its going to be 4 1/2 weeks until the next points race; I swapped out the drag wheel/tire setup for the street ones.
I hoping I can finish up the season without buying a new set until I swap wheels when I do the 5 lug conversion.
I also don't have to keep such a close eye on the weather. Driving in the rain on basically drag slicks isn't very fun.