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So....what did you do to your foxbody today?


took a picture LOL


88lx elmo

got my Radiator to a shop to patch it.....and got confirmation on a dyno tune date....finally!!!

FastFox619 those stickers where on the car yesterday.......YUP!!!! Called you out.:p
Drove my coupe to work today and noticed the Speedo cable ticking sound is getting louder. Time to change it..:mad:

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finally got my dipstick issue taken care of (no pun intended). took it for a 35 min ride for the first time since my completetion of my HCI swap, rear end swap, new motor mounts, rear main seal, etc..etc... she felt much better


Haha a couple...there's probably 10 or so, a couple more hatches, an some empty shells (as in nothing there at all)

I wish they were mine. That's at my friends shop. He owns them all an they're pretty much all for sale

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