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Exhaust issue '90 fox


New Member
Exhaust was loud as hell and loving it. Started hearing a rattling sound midway under car. Now when I drive , after a little rompin it seems to get quieter. Just earlier I really got on it and it was VERY noticeable. Has anyone had this happen or heard of it ? I'm thinking it's time for new mufflers. If this would be the case does any one got any suggestions? I believe it's got magnaflo on it but I'd like to give her some more voice ... please help


New Member
I had an issue similar to that on my 90 lx a while back, it ended up being a egr thermactor plug, not sure if that is the problem on your car but it might be worth a check, mine backed itself out


New Member
Do you have your cats still on it? If so check the heat shields on them because they come un welded and will rattle. Just need to be spot welded.