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92.5-93 ECU Harness - Airbag Wiring Question


New Member
Does anyone know where the (2) white round airbag sensor plugs by the MAF, relay, and HEGO connectors go to? I know these two plugs connect to the front center and RH crash sensors but where do the wires exit the ECU harness?

My 93 needs a new ECU harness so I found a NOS M-12071-C302 harness which was based off of the 92.5-93 ECU harness with the exception of the airbag sensor wiring which I need to replicate. I cannot see where the other end of these wires exits the harness as it is still in my car.

Trying to get this sorted out for when I pull the 331 this spring to clean things up (road grime from 20 years of owning the car) and replace this harness along with the injector harness, O2 harness, and the AC harness. Just basically fried from all they years under the hood.


New Member
Running this to ground over on the Corral if anyone here needs additional information. Basically have it figured out.



New Member
I'll go take a look at your post on the Corral. I have both the 93 harness and the C302 harness out of the car. Currently putting in a Holley setup and I will be needing to retain the Airbags.

I have read that the airbag wires are in the C302 harness, but there isn't a connector and the wires are terminated inside the wrap. My plan is to verify this soon.