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1986 LX 5.0 Pro Touring


New Member
I recently completed my Mustang project.
It took me 9 years of Saturdays to do it.

302 based 357ci half filled
Ported Trick Flow with shaft rockers, titanium valved.
Custom Solid Roller Cam .688/.673 on 1.7 ratio.
Fabricated equal length 2" headers to 4" collectors.
Wilson prepped Victor Jr manifold
Custom 4150 by Patrick @ Pro systems
Fabricated motor plates
TKO 600 mounted on fabricated crossover
Scribner custom 8.8 rear with 3.70 gears
Fabricated 4 link on adjustable Koni coilovers.
Moser 31 axles shortened 6.0"
Fabricated tubs
Wildwood disc 13" fronts, 12" rears.
Fabricated Full chromoly cage
Lexan front and sides, glass rear.
Boss hoods, glass 4" hood.
Self painted sterling silver with black accent to match my F150.


New Member
Boxed-in and modified tko600 cross member. Its solid mount as you can see, but I decided on poly bushings to the frame side. I was thinking if I have minimal chassis flex, it won't snap my trans tail section lugs.