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93 Coupe "Shadow"

I hope you plan on posting the paint work. I've been getting into it myself, but still learning.

I may take those pre-87 mc to pv lines off your hands. Pm me if you like.
I hope you plan on posting the paint work. I've been getting into it myself, but still learning.

I may take those pre-87 mc to pv lines off your hands. Pm me if you like.
I'll post when I get around to it. So far I've priced out the materials needed and it's looking like just over $1000.00 for enough paint (primer up to clear) do a full color change.
Not much of an update at the moment. Been mostly driving and racing the coupe for the time being.

But one more piece arrived for the 5 lug swap. These are the hubcentric rings to allow the rear rotors to sit properly on the rear axle flange.

So all that's left to get are the rear axles, e-brake cables, front rotors, brake fluid, front wheels and tires for the street, and the drag wheels.
I wanted to make a post just to conglomerate everything for the 5 lug swap into one post.

The swap will be utilizing '95 Sn95 Spindles with '94-'98 Cobra 13" / 11.65" brakes.

The front '95 spindles and Cobra front dual piston calipers and rear single piston calipers.

The rear FRPP bracket kit with rotors and dust shields to convert the rear to the 11.65 Cobra disc brakes.

The ever so slightly used '93 Cobra brake booster and Master Cylinder.

Wilwood manual proportioning valve, Maximum Motorsports braided front brake lines, Maximum Motorsports factory proportioning valve eliminator kit, Maximum Motorsports Fox to 93 Cobra master cylinder lines. Also pictured are spacers for the fox ball joint to SN95 spindles in case I don't change out the still fairly new ball joints at the time of the swap.

Maximum Motorsports rear hard lines and braided soft lines to convert from Fox to SN95 rear discs.

Axle flange spacers for the rear discs.

The wheels I will be running on the street.
17x10.5 Polished '03 Cobra rear with 315/35-17 tires
17x9 Polished '03 Cobra front with 234 or 245/45-17 tires

The wheels for the drag strip.
15x 8 (maybe 10") Polished DragStar with 26x10.5 ET Street R bias ply (I may switch to 28x11.5 after more testing with the 26")
17x4.5 Polished DragStar

As of this time (7-12-2018) I still have to get the rear axles, parking brakes cables, and front rotors.
I'd like to get 2 piece rotors to help save a little rotational weight.

The rear axles will be Fox length Strange 31 spline Hy-Tuff race axles with 5x4.5 lug pattern. I'm still debating on whether or not to upgrade to 5/8x18 x 3" drive lugs. I am currently running the same axles in the 4 lug pattern with 1/2x20 x 3" studs.
I may even change to 33 spline with a spool.
Just picked up a used Holley Systemax II intake with 1" spacer for $300.

I'll clean it and either polish it or paint it later.
It won't be going on anytime soon. I still need to collect a LOT more parts to build the engine up first.
I have also having problems with the cheap clutch cable firewall adjuster loosening and the cable getting slack.
So I ordered a McCleod quik-click firewall adjuster.

The red anodizing will clash with the color I plan to paint the coupe, so I took some Easy-Off oven cleaner and stripped the coating. I will do a quick polish to get the bare aluminum looking a little better.

I've also never really happy with the clutch adjustment and feel. So also ordered is a Steeda quick ratio quadrant to replace the cheapo double hook piece that is currently installed.

This Friday I'll be installing the new FW adjuster, quadrant, and a new cable.
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Got the new clutch stuff installed, adjusted, and it feels...


When I first pressed in the clutch I literally thought I didnt hook the cable up to the clutch fork. It was that smooth and easy. I have never felt it that smooth in at least 10 -12 years.
No new updates. Just wanted to post a nice sunset pic.

The race season is done for the year other than a few test-n-tunes. So I swapped the street wheels/tires back on.

Been just driving it and enjoying. I even took it to Foxtoberfest this year.
I did buy a couple of interior trim pieces while there to replace a couple of the old, faded, and/or cracked pieces.

Foxtoberfest 2018 (412 Foxes in one place!)

I've still have a few pieces to get before I can begin the SN95 Cobra 5-lug swap. I hope to be able to get that done over winter or early spring. But I also want to turn some of my attention to my '96 Cobra. It's badly in need of some TLC.
I ordered some new domed wheel center cap decals from Tom Clark (aka sinisbuilt) for the wheels that I will be running after the 5 lug swap.

One set is for the Racestar drag wheels and the other set is for replica polished '03-'04 Cobra wheels for the street.

Also I took advantage of the black Friday sales special and ordered a set of Strange Engineering Hy-Tuf 5 lug race axles for when I get to the 5 lug swap.
Well I took advantage of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals and got a few more items for the 5 lug swap.

First as mentioned above were the Strange Engineering Hy-Tuf race axles in Fox width with the 2.78" brake rotor register and 5x4.5" lug pattern 1/2"-20 x 3" drive studs. I also got new C-clip eliminators to go with them.

Next was 2 - polished 15x8 Racestar wheels for the rear during the track sessions. I had gotten the matching 17x4.5 fronts back in the summer.

Introducing the "Punishstars"

I also got a Hurst line-loc kit and a pair of '93 Cobra parking brake cables.

Just a few items left to get and I'll have everything for the 4 wheel Cobra disc 5-lug swap.
Guess I'd better get started cleaning, painting, and rebuilding the calipers so the will be ready to go.
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Well, I've had a bit of a set back. Yesterday morning I had an occurrence of trying to occupy the same space as a deer.

So now I'll need a new bumper, headlights, and possibly a new radiator. I'll also need to do some straightening of the core support, driver side fender, and repairs to the hood.