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What should I do????? #Confused


New Member
Good morning Mustangerz!
I am at a crossroad, not sure which way to lean. Seeking advice on how I should go about upgrading my '93 foxbody (5 speed manual). Upgrade would have to be a 6-8 month project, for funding reasons. Can't decide whether to go the Coyote swap route (Gen II or III), The 351 swap route, or just refresh the OEM block, add heads w/ upper & lower intake, and maybe add forced induction (suprecharger or turbo). Goal is to be in the mid 400 - 500 HP and still retain a daily driver (A/C & such). Of course budget is always an issue, but curious as to what you guys have done, approx cost, and reliability traits you've experienced. Thanks for your time & have a great weekend!
Me personally I would build a 331 stroker it has a real good rod to crank ratio and I would try to find a set of used afr 165 or get a set of e-street and I would give John Bennett at Bennett Racing a call and get him to do me a custom grind cam for my application now with the right intake exhaust and injection set up you can get what you’re trying to get and then some and keep your a-c and be some where around 18 or so mpg