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Vehicle Dies When Braking


New Member
My car (1988 2.3L Lx convertible) has been dying after i come to a stop and/or get lower into rpms. After it stalls, it work crank over until i move the car in neutral either backwards or forwards. I also notice the fuel pump doesn't prime after it stall unless i do what i mentioned before. Just replaces the fuel filter not even 3k miles ago and spark plugs less than 200 miles ago. It does leak oil but it hasnt happened until after i had my transmission rebuilt. Its my daily and i really have no other options so i would really appreciate any help.


Well-Known Member
You might take a look at the ecm. The capacitors will leak and disintegrate the legs so that it doesn't make good connection to the board. Doesn't cost anything to check. You just have to pop it open and look it over.

Unfortunately, the issue you describe can also be caused by several things. Vacuum leak, dirt/rust in tank (clogging the strainer), fuel pump getting weak. Often, you'll find it may just need a good tune-up. Have you taken a look at the plugs since you replaced them? I'm curious if they look like it's running rich.

The issue with it not turning over sounds more like a neutral safety switch.