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Ultrasonic deterrents


Old and tired
Any one here have experience with the automotive electrical mouse deterrent devices?
Had to remove my blower motor housing, again, and retrieve little stinky from out of the evaporator housing. Yucky, but at least one can breathe the air in the car now. Mice seem to have but one ambition in life, and it is to make it into my car and then die.


Active Member
No experience with that but I can tell you some good ol fashioned snap traps and some poison bait blocks did the trick at my old place (we lived in a wooded area). Just had to stay on top of them and check everything every week or two.


Old and tired
This time of year they put a lot of pressure on getting inside. I had some bait bars out and I suppose the little beggar crawled with his last vestage of strength to fulfill the rodents raison d'être and stink up my heater.
They even occasionally get into the house, but the kittens nail em pdq.
The reviews of the electronic repellents sound mostly positive, one guy even claims it drove the Mosquitos out of his shop. I might give one a try and see if it works.