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To swap or not to swap.


New Member
Hi there everyone! New to the forum, and looking for some opinions.
I have a fairly low mileage, all original 1988 Mustang GT with the dreaded AOD. Car is near perfect in every regard including original paint, exhaust, interior and approx 75K miles. For reference, it is white with the love it or hate two tone porno red/black interior.
I have been presented the opportunity to purchase parts for a near complete T5 swap, and undecided if it is a good decision to do such a swap for the good (ultimately) of the car. Firmly belonging to camp "save the manuals," this car with the AOD is just NO fun to drive compared to rowing your own gears.
Or, am I overthinking this? Is there enough of these original condition cars left that no-one will care that it's been tranny swapped, or perhaps may be more desireable to future collectors/enthusiasts? Yet again, they say it's only original once?
Appreciate your thoughts or comments!