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The Next Warhorse: 1993 Mustang LX Autocross Build

Appreciate the info and I've already started to watch some of your videos on Youtube. I am trying to figure out classing and with the factory weight of the 80 foxbody I may be stuck in CAM-S unless I can add weight or things already done have added enough weight as from what I've gathered the car should have been 2800 pounds from the factory.
I hope the videos are helpful. Based on your Welcome New Members post, the car might fit best in CAM due to the previous mods. In that case, getting an accurate starting weight is a good idea. It's not hard to add 100 lbs. of suspension/bracing/rims & tires to these cars, so you might not have to add much additional weight to be CAM-T legal. Planning mods with a target weight in mind really helped me explore all the different options for Apocalypso.
So far, I’ve removed 293.4 lbs. from my 1993 2.3L Mustang autocross car. Several of the weight reduction mods I have planned are pretty pricey, so I’m making as many free & inexpensive mods as possible.

I don’t need cruise control to attack the cones, so I’m taking it out of Apocalypso.

This video covers how I removed the cruise control components & provides an accurate weight for the parts that came out of my car.