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Oxygen sensor questionS


New Member
Hello fellow gear heads;
I have an 88GT with bad O2 sensors (again). My questions are;

The car has been sitting for a few years (I started it up about once a month). Does this cause O2 sensors to go bad?

I have equal length shorty headers, high flow cats, 2.5 " exhaust, off road "H" (or "X") Pipe, with all these after market exhaust items does the O2 sensor get too hot and is this why they went bad again?

Is there anyway to prevent this from happening again?

Lastly, after I install new ones, can I clean up the old ones and reuse them?

Other engine mods: GT40 Upper & Lower (ported & polished), larger throttle body (don't remember the size it was installed in the 90s), under drive pulley's.

Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Staff member
Usually the problem that causes o2 sensors to fail often is the way they're mounted. They should be pointed in some sort of a downward angle and slightly backwards. That's not to say they have to be on top of the h pipe, but on the side of it at least 90* and some exhaust companies put them on the bottom.