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New Member
So I’m thinking of adding an on3 turbo kit to my 89GT ... I’m wondering what other modifications I need to have done to the car to prepare it for forced induction. So far the car contains

SBF 302 bored .30 over to a 306
Eldelbrock heads
BBK SSI Intake
BBK fuel rails
24# injectors
E303 cam
TRW forged pistons
BBK shorty headers
Flowmaster 44s
A/C delete

Any help would greatly appreciated


New Member
Ok thanks I was thinking of doing a transmission upgrade in the future any recommendations.. just so you know it’s going to be for nights and weekends only not racing or anything just needs to be streetable and fun to drive


New Member
I put 60# injectors and a damn good fuel pump in my car when I put the on3 on it and I have the stock t5 in my car it seems to handle the power pretty well but I dont beat on it a lot

UK fox turbo

New Member
Same as Turbo90LX, I have the Hellion kit,used 42# injectors,355 in tank pump,stock T5 for a while ,no problems,T5Z now because i could.
Cooling system needs to be in good shape, engine bay airflow is important,keep the engine driven fan,wish I had not gone electric.