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Just wanted to share a nice pic I took of Donkey yesterday at work! Got a huge showroom and lucky me, i can keep busy working on it during my super quiet ass day all alone at work! Lol

Untaped a bunch of electrical that was all blue. I want my underhood black and red. So did some retaping too. Adjusted the angle of my wiper arms (cause shorty over here couldnt see over them LOL) then i cleaned some of the interior (which i have almost completely pulled a part for coming e brake job, door handles, seat delete, shifter boot and knob change, and more..). Was fun. Between that and buying parts

Here he is ❤



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My wife drove the Mustang for 9 years and is almost 5 ft tall so I know what you mean about adjusting the wipers.
The right side and left side arms are simple just lift the wiper arm and readjust.
Yes! Lol so annoying! Being short isnt always the greatest lol

Thats exaclty what i did yesterday! I couldn't believe how easy it was. I actually thought I was gonna have to adjust the motor or something silly!
I appreciate the tip! The ex had a 6inch cowl and i could NOT see anything.... needless to say for everyones safety i never drove his car lol

Hood wise (PS youre tall AF lol) i woild love the stormen norman hood ;)