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Much needed repair


New Member
Decided it was time to give the Stang some TLC.
Going in Friday for a round of repair.

Driver's side inner tie rod (hope I make it there, it's got some play)
Water Pump (fingers crossed bolts don't break or will be doing timing chain/cover also)
Thermostat housing/thermostat/bypass hose
Harmonic balancer

Yes, there is a lot of "gunk" under there, mostly power steering fluid-been leaking a long time.
Eventually, I will get the engine cleaned.

The front seat is already there-fixing that "gangster lean".:cool:

Hubby should be doing the power steering pump, high-pressure hose
and the rear differential gasket in the near future.

A couple of weeks ago put shocks, quad shocks, and struts on, all KYB.

Attached some pics :eek:


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Made it! Thank God! Might even be done today. Can't wait.

Update: Not picking up until Monday or Tuesday.
Not sure if they ran into more trouble or not.
Bad news, the seat is trashed! Apparently, it has been repaired 1, 2, or maybe 3 times!
I had no idea. Now looking for other options for a seat :arghh:
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Just spoke to the mechanic. Asked him how bad the tie rod end was. He said OMG, my guy put it on the lift and he pulled on it and it gave him goosebumps. Basically, by God's grace, I made it to the shop.:eek: The fastest we were going was about 50 but dang, can you imagine if it let go. My angels had to be watching over me that's for sure! Should be picking up tomorrow, fingers crossed.