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Mid engine hatch kit


New Member
I don't know if anyone remembers this, because obviously it never took off, and if I saw it today, I may not think it was cool, bit I would like to see one, and see a good picture of one installed.

I got my 1st fox body mustang when I was 17, so I started getting magazines, and exploring the aftermarket. I remember an advertised kit in the back of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Ford's.

The kit was for a 87-93 hatchback, rear glass replacement, and basically it made it look sort of like a mid engine hood, sort of like a MR2, or something like that.

Does anyone remember this, or know where I can find pics? The ad was in the back, with all the other small advertisements, very small, and black and white, I always thought it was really cool, but never actually saw a real pic other than the ad in the back of the magazine, and I have scoured the internet looking for this kit, and turned up zero, and those issues are long gone

I can remember, the ad was only in a few issues, Im interested in doing this to one of my cars, if I could find the kit, and of course if I still think its as cool as I remember, but like everything else, I could see it and think....what was I thinking.

But also I would just love to see it. Thanks


Active Member
I'm 45 yrs old and owned many fox mustangs over the years. I never came across any of these kits nor do I remember seeing magazine ads for them. In recent years, I've seen pics of them posted online. I used to have a pic saved on my phone, but I guess it got lost in the mix. Interesting piece, but pretty ugly lol


New Member
Yeah I can't remember exactly what they look like, we are close in age, the ad wasn't even a 1/2 page ad, it was a very small add, in the back where you can pay to advertise, so whoever was making the kit, was a very small shop. running a like 3 inch ad. In the add section towards the back of the magazine. And I remember thinking they looked cool, but it's been years, and I can't find one on the internet anywhere, this would have been around 93' - 96' somewhere around those years