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Kenne bell help...


New Member
I have a 92 gt convertible and I'm the 3rd owner it has a kenne bell supercharger that I believe was installed when the car was first bought does anyone know if this was offered as a kit and what it should of consisted of. The car has headers and only 93k miles but I really know nothing else


New Member
Is it a Kenne Bell’s 2.1-liter, twin-screw Blowzilla? They are one of the greatest bolt-on performance parts for 5.0 foxbody Mustangs. It should push you to about 300 hp with the stock cam and no other bolt-ons. Kenne bell still makes them but they are in very limited quantities. I believe the kit included the belt, upper intake (ether stock or GT40 style), twin-screw compressor and bracket.