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How to post pics from smartphone


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There is a toolbar above the text box, where you type a reply or a new post. Take note of the "Image" icon (circled in red)


Tap the icon and a box will pop up. It says "Drop Image or Click Here" Click on the box.

Screenshot_20200901-231016_Samsung Internet.jpg


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Follow those icons and you can choose the image from your phone. Once you have found the image you want, tap it and it will upload to the current text box. That's pretty much it. The pic will embed into your post or you can also choose to display it as a thumbnail via a button below the image.


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If you receive an error message telling you the file is too large, there are a few ways to fix it.

1) Change the camera settings on your phone to a lower quality/smaller size. This obviously won't help you unless you can retake the picture or you are planning ahead and change your settings first.

2) Download a free photo-resizing app (or your phone may have an editor already, but I've found those aren't typically user friendly).

3) My favorite....just pull the picture up on your phone. Turn your phone sideways, if necessary, to get rid of toolbars and such...or to simply display the pic how you want it. Take a screenshot. Save screenshot to your phone and use that screenshot to upload your image. A screenshot reduces the file size.

I hope this helps some of you. If any of you want to add tips or tricks or any info I may have left out, feel free to do so!
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