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New Member
hey guys, i have a 2.3l 1987 ford mustang that i have been building over the past little while. it is bored .030 over head ported and polished and got the bottom of the head shaved down to give it more compression .460 .460 278 duration lunati cam , icon forged pistons, crower forged rods, arp rod bolts, arp head studs got my stock crankshaft turned efi to carb swap with a holley 500 2 barrel, ranger header, high flow oil pump. my next upcoming mods are a super sniper efi kit and a turbo kit im going to use a hx35.

i have a few problems that i cant seem to figure out, i looked up a crankcase breather grommet for my car and i ordered it and it is way to big and will not go in i even tried trimming it some and it still doesnt fit. does anyone know a part number or anything i can do for that.

i am also having a problem with flames shooting out of holes under my headers, im guessing that it was something to do with emissions but im not totally sure. would that be making me lose compression? for the time being could i just tap those holes and run a bolt into them before i get a turbo header?