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Help! 1984 Mustang Shifter stuck in park!


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Okay, So everything was completely fine one minute and then the next now i can't shift my car out of park? I'm positive it's not a broken cable because it would still allow me to move the lever just wouldn't shift the trans. Is there a Electronic Shift Lock or Shift Relay somewhere Or possibly a Fuse i don't know about? Or could it be something else? Please help! Also car is an 84' V6 3 speed if that helps.

Thank you in advanced!
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Should be a c4 transmission (technically a c5 I believe, but for all practical purposes, a c4). I honestly don't know much about the auto transmissions but you may want to research "c4 parking pawl problems". That might steer you in the right direction.


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A quick search and it looks like there's a spring that keeps the pawl disengaged. That spring can break and cause your issue. Just an idea.