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Hello. I’m the new owner of the 1984 G.T. 350


New Member
I just want to say hi to everyone.
I’m the new owner of the:
1984 Ford Mustang G.T. 350 20th ANN edition, ( I think) convertible 5.0 H.O. 5 speed manual, 72.342 miles on it.
1 owner car since new :)
Car dose not have a anniversary tag above glove box, but I checked body buck tag.
I thought all mustangs G.T. 350 have a plate with the number above the glove box, but the previous owner said it was an option? Besides of that this mustang seems To be a real G.T. 350 20 ANN.

This is actually my second mustang, I love those cars first is 1966 coupe 289 V8, automatic with 48132 miles on it.



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