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Hello from SW Florida


New Member
Hello Fox Body Fans,

I am an older guy in the SW Florida area, looking to get back into a Fox Body after missing mine for a few years. Formerly had a 92 GT drop top daily driver that I loved. She was a northern car when I lived in the midwest that never saw snow. She was garaged winters, and a friend's dad loved my car and wanted it for his retirement, and I let her go...

Now I have the itch again. Looking to find myself an 88-93 drop top, GT or LX 5.0 with 5-speed, that I can take back to as close to original as possible. I prefer original to modded up versions, just personal preference.

Anyway, looking forward to being part of the group and will let everyone know once I find a new ride to show off!



Active Member
Wow to be 45 yrs old once again I've got you by 27 yrs
Most of the guys I know driving foxes are in their 20s and 30's and either weren't around or were too young to remember when these cars were everywhere. It's good to hang out with guys who were there and even owned them before they were classics!