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Headlight switch 92 LX


New Member
Question..I was replacing my headlight switch on my LX as I believe it shorted once upon a time..there was burn marks on the connector ..I untapped the wire and saw the ground wire was bare as far back as I untapped....is this normal? Don’t believe I’ve ever seen bare wiring in a car..


Active Member
Only wires I know with wire showing under the tape insulation are "ganged" grounds.
My switch wires had good insulation to the terminal block/connector/plug.


Well-Known Member
I figured I would chime in and suggest a relay mod/upgrade if you haven't already. These switches were notorious for problems and could even cause a fire. Another option, after replacing the switch and connector, of course, is to swap to led headlights. They pull less amps so the switch and wiring isn't as prone to overloading.