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Greetings from Rhode Island


New Member
Just picked up an 87 LX 2.3L convertible from my 80yo neighbor moving to Florida.
It's "tired" cosmetically with 145k on her. I've been a back yard mechanic for almost 50 years so I know my way around cars. I'm on many forums for some of the other vehicles I own as well and am a frequent contributor in helping other. Especially my 2000 BMW 750 iL V12. I'm sure every question possible has already been asked so I'll be sure to use the search feature and just soak up the knowledge of other for quite a while.
The biggest item on the to do list is the heater core. I already know what I'm up against with that but being a convertible, it will mostly be a summer car so no rush to get that done despite living in New England. And the driver seat is completely collapsed. Have to pull that out and see just how broken it is.


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the group! The seat frames problems are quite common. If it's the back that is bent/broken, it can easily be repaired with a mig welder and some minor reinforcement. If it's the seat bottom, I'm not 100%. Probably not hard to find a replacement but I seem to recall repairing them many years ago,so can't be too bad,