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Fox Notch/Coupe Revell 1/25 scale model kits


Staff member
Monogram 1/24 '85 Ford SVO Mustang Plastic Model Kit

Product ID: 85-4276
Skill level: 2
Length: 7-1/2"
Parts: 66
Ford formed the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Department in 1981 to develop high-performance, street-legal cars based on their racing program. Built from 1984-1986, SVO versions of the Ford Mustang were powered by a turbo-charged, inline 4-cylinder engine which produced 175 hp (or 200 hp with a few modifications!). Kit features an opening hood, a replica turbo-charged 2.3L inline 4-cylinder engine with intercooler, a uniquely designed front grille, an aerodynamic hood, a biplane rear wing, forged alloy wheels, soft black tires, satin-plated parts and decals with factory stock graphics.


'89 Notch
I always wanted a notch model car,i have a few hatch's ,but just cant find those notches
That would be cool