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Fox Body Owners Rejoice! A ’93 Mustang Sold For $26,000 At Mecum!


Things are looking up for the Foxes!!!! 75 Miles...ouch... thats like getting a collectable toy for your birthday and being told "that will be worth alot of money some day....so don'y take it out of the box" WTF!!!


New Member
Yeah..... About that.... 75 origional miles, origional paperwork, totally unmolested #1 condition car. Lets take a poll shall we? How many of us have a car like that? Most of us own #2 cars at best; most likely #3 driver cars. Going across the block; we'd get 5-8 grand at best IMHO....


92 feature 5sp
Hagerty insured my 92 feature for 10k, no questions asked. Im going to up the amount since its done now. I know its not 26k but they must be worth something. 1 of 797 made with 5 speed. I know I wouldnt get that for resale but at least my investment is covered.


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2017 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction sold a 1990 25th Anniversary "7Up" 5.0 LX Convertible for $83,000.00! It had 16 original miles on it and the factory plastic was still on the steering wheel and seats!