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Fox-Body Mustang makes CNN Money's Top Ten Investment Cars under $5K


'89 Notch

CNN Money has come out with a list of the Top Ten Investment Cars under $5,000 that will most likely increase in value over time with the 1985-93 Fox-Body Mustangs making the list. The Fox-Body Mustang holds a special place in my heart as it was the generation I came to know the best as I was growing up in Texas. Not only did I grow up in the time period these cars were being built but I have also owned four different models including a '90 GT, '90 GT Convertible, '91 LX 5.0 and a '93 LX 5.0 convertible. Owning four different models I can attest these cars hold their value very well because in each instance I bought and sold the car for almost what I paid for it with ownership lasting 2 or more years for each model.
What makes the fox-body Mustang so special in my mind is the availability and low cost of repair parts, aftermarket parts and the ease of working on these models. With so many parts available you can keep your Mustang running for a substantial lower price than comparable cars with similar performance. I was no mechanic nor did I have any automotive skills but I was able to replace transmissions, intakes, full-exhaust work, radiators, fuel pumps, etc. with minimal knowledge and basic tools. I guess you could say these cars were a blessing because with out them I would not be where I am today.
Check below for the full Top Ten Investment Cars under $5,000.
- 1985-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 HO
So.... my wife owns the investment and I apparently will have just an early model money pit.

I guess I'll have get financially sound and find that McLaren I have been wanting. lol.