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First real in new LX asking advice about my set up!

LX Shredder

New Member
Finally got my first real ride in my new 5.0 after spending $825 at the shop. This car is over my knowledge with modifications and the mechanic I brought it to was a disappointment. I got new power steering pump and mufflers installed. The car stalls when cold and my wideband gage is broken. Any advice or comments about my set up much appreciated?

Vortech V-1 supercharger 8 psi
Anderson style powerpipe
42lbs injectors
Lightning MAF
GT40 heads, with upgraded springs and 3 way valve job.
Scorpion 1.6 full roller rockers
Manley hardened pushrods
GT40 upper and lower intake
JCP custom cam
Accufab 70mm throttlebody and spacer
New Melling oil pump with new ARP pump drive
Aermotive stealth 340LPH fuel pump
Kirban adjustable fuel regulator
BBK O/R H pipe
Magnaflow mufflers
Gripp rear upper and lower control arms
Welded subframe connectors
Welded Panhard bar
Aluminum driveshaft
355 gears
275's and 255's Nitto
Lowered and aftermarket shocks
OEM clutch

the car felt solid but the wideband gage dosn't work and I'm wondering if I should take it to a shop that knows these cars very well in northern florida? The car is strait and rust free and the interior is the black cloth color in very good condition. What you guys think of the set up and any advice on any changes?


Sounds like a good list of mods.

Take it to a reputable shop that knows what they are doing.
The cold stalling could be as simple as needing a proper re-tune.


New Member
the stalling when cold could be a tune issue but i would un plug the mass air and see is she stalls if she does not then you have a mass air issue also clean your iac...if you replace the iac buy a motorcraft one the one's at the parts store are junk

LX Shredder

New Member
thanks for the replies. What do you mean by IAC? I just started driving it yesterday and it overheated in 10 minutes! I noticed no leak from below and only saw some coolant around the battery area toward the edge of the hood as if it sprayed up from below. I saw no leak at the over flow tank and at radiator cap. The overflow tank was nearly full and it needed about a half gallon of water. I replaced the radiator cap today and still had the same problem. It appears it's leaking only under load. The clutch fan is working. Tomorrow I will put the car on ramps and tighten the bottom radiator hose if necessary. I have a standard OEM radiator fairly new. Do you guys think I will have cooling problems with my set up with a stock radiator? The car runs and drives at operating temp when there is coolant in the radiator so I'm convinced it's not the thermostat...


New Member
iac is idle air control,look at your throttle body and you will see a long round thing that is plugged in...you may need to up grade the rad,also if you dont have a aftermarket temp gauge get one the stock temp gauge is wrong most of the time.

LX Shredder

New Member
about a week ago the car went from running great other than being sensitive when cold to barely running at all. I cleaned my Mass air sensor. I am a few weeks out from getting it looked at by a reputable shop who knows these cars well. I'm wondering what kind of program/chip the car has... I have found only one place that is confident to work on my car with my set up. I talked to the guy who built the motor and he said it should have about 400 to the wheels. I'm wondering if I will be better off taking the super charger off for the sack of reliability?