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Factory rocker arms


New Member
Looking at installing a trickflow stage 1 camshaft. Camshaft was a Christmas gift from my wife lol. My question is can I use factory stamp steel rockers arms? I'm not looking for max power. I drive the car daily in the summer. It's not really in the budget for roller rockers. Will I have an issues? More about the car... 1990 fox body. Stock e7 heads, bbk headers, professional products intake, throttle body and spacer, full exhaust, 373 gears, 5 speed, electric fans etc. Car was dyno tuned last summer without cam and made 260hp and 306tq to the wheels. I'm not worried about max power I really just need to know if the factory steel rockers will work. Max lift on the cam is 512 I believe. And I have the trickflow springs to go with it. Thanks in advance