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Better sanding block


Old and tired
I still have a lot of wet 1500 grit sanding to do on Susie's car. The rubber blocks I have are harder than I think they should be.
What have you guys used and liked?image.jpg


I believe they are called Durablock or something close.
I've seen others use all sorts of home made or found objects from 2x4s to foam pool noodles. All depends on the contours that is being worked on at the time.

The 82 is looking good so far.


Well-Known Member
I use the Durablocks. Got them off Ebay as a kit and had to purchase an additional longer one for the bigger panels, like hood, doors, and roof.


Old and tired
Dura blocks seem to be the consensus. In the meantime I found a molded rubber grout float in my tile toolbox that holds half a sheet of paper and is working ok. I have to staple the paper around the end.