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89 gt fuel pump help


New Member
(1989 gt vert 5.0 HO 5 speed) okay so i had some bad connectors for all light switches and steering wheel plugs which i replaced with some better ones (spliced in). for some reason after i did that my fuel pump stopped running with the key. I hooked 12v up to the wire from the relay to the pump and it kicked on. I hard wired it to a 12v with key on and it turned over but only ran with starter fluid. I figured it needed to go down from 12 to a lower voltage so i disconected my DIY fix of course. Ive been trying to figure this out for a while now and to no end. Ive been thinking a bad ground maybe at the computer. I did check the grounds i could find but couldnt see anything bad. idk maybe i missed something


New Member
A.) Tripped inertia switch – press reset button on the inertia switch.
I reset the inertia switch and nothing then i just bypassed it and still nothing. i might just have to start tracing wires. i also checked all connections for the ecc and everything seemed to be fine. one thing i did notice is arent i supposed to have two ecc realys? i only found one above the computer


Well-Known Member
Have you ever checked the ecu itself? If it hasn't been addressed before, there's a good chance the capacitors are toast.