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89 GT Fastback


New Member
I'm the new owner of an 89 Mustang GT fastback. I am new to the Fox Body community. This is my first Mustang. I am excited to be here. I purchased the car from my brother-in-law. I am currently stationed overseas but my wife and childhood friend are overseeing the car as of now. I didn't get much of a background story for the car. All I know it had been sitting in my brothers-in-law's garage for 2 years. The car running and driving after installing an A9P ECM, but my wife says it lacks power. I look forward to restoring the car. Is there anywhere in particular I should start? I want to modify the engine, but don't know where to start. My first priority is getting the engine running smoothly. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.



Well-Known Member
Welcome! The lack of power could be a hundred different things. You'll have fun going through it and figuring it out. I always enjoyed going through an old unknown vehicle and doing my own detective work. Give it a good tune-up and go from there. Change fuel filter, check fuel pressure, and set the timing. Pay close attention to the distributor cap and rotor. They tend to corrode when sitting and it will affect spark. Most of the parts stores sell the ones with brass contact points on them now, but it was common a few years back to sell the ones with cheap aluminum contracts. They would get corrosion buildup in the matter of a few weeks.

Clean the maf sensor too! How long before you're back in the land of bud lights and bald eagles?