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86 door body moldings on 87-93


New Member
Newbie here from MA. I’m having trouble hunting down clean doors for my 86 GT hatch. Mine are rotted. I know they had the same body moldings for 85-86 and changed them in 87. Is it possible to install the 85-86 body moldings on the newer doors? I know they wouldn’t fit directly, but I’m sure there would have to be some drilling involved if it did work. I don’t want to convert to the newer style bumpers, I like the four eyes.


Well-Known Member
The strip that goes along the top of the door (sits just below the glass) is wider on the 87-93 doors. You can easily swap over the early trim to match, but the mounting holes for the later/wider trim pieces will stick out. You'll need to close them up. Most people just weld them up.

I sure wish there was a fix for the lower door rust. A lot of us 4-eye guys run into it.