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5 lug conversion


New Member
Hey guys I am new to the forum, I just finished installing my new 8.8 5 lug rear end and am now starting on the front. I have a few questions that hopefully Give me some clearance. So I have a 92 lx, it is a 4 cyl car that I put a 5.0 in so the rotors and spindles are smaller I think. My question is what do I need to get? I’m pretty sure I need gt spindles and calipers to fit the bigger 5 lug rotor but I am not positive of it, also where can I get spindles? I can’t find them anywhere. Any info is appreciated!


Well-Known Member
There's a couple options depending on what wheels you want to run. Are you going with 17" or larger? If so, you can run 94-95 spindles and big brakes (I believe 94-04 brakes will work). If you plan on running smaller wheels, such as 15" draglites or older mesh-style, you'll need spacers to fit them with the large brakes. If you're ok with the later v8 fox brakes (slightly larger than what you have now), then you can get the spindles from a 87+ v8 fox. Or was it 86+? I know 87 v8 works, anyway lol!

They shouldn't be too hard to find. I think I bought my last set off a member here. Just ask around and a set will pop up with a little patience.

You can buy the 5-lug rotors new. They're cheap on rockauto, Ebay, Amazon, etc. Can't recall the cars that came with them, but I believe rangers, svo, and maybe crown vic? Info is floating around on the web.


New Member
I suggest 1996 spindles.
Also suggest adjustable plates.
The reason; you will get more negative camber to fit larger (taller) tires.
These will also move your centers outboard about 3/8" if that's not a problem.

I have 275/40/17 with -2.0 camber with no rubbing, however I have widened fenders all corners if you go that wide up front.