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347 balancer question


New Member
I know this is gonna sound like a stupid question and I am probably overthinking it but I recently purchased a used 347 motor. It came with the balancer but no flexplute. In taking with the seller he is "pretty sure" it was a 28 ounce setup. My question is how can I be sure? In looking at the balancer I have suspicions. It is an SFI but no mane can be seen. There is no bolt on counter weight. the balancer is basically one piece. On the back side of the balancer, it is machined out about 1/3 to 1/2 the way around it. I have attached a couple of photos and can get more if that would help in identifying it. Thanks in advance for any help you experts can give a guy.



Active Member
Who built the engine? Unless it is internally balanced, which is highly unlikely, I would presume 28oz. That's what all of the stroker kits are, from what I've seen. If you can't get info from the builder, then I would go with a 28oz flywheel. If it's wrong, then you'll know it when you start running it. But then again, i like to live dangerously lol!


New Member
Thank you for your reply. I do not know the engine builder. I purchased the motor used and it did not come with the flex plate. The person i bought this from didn't give me a warm and fuzzy on knowing much. Thanks again