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220,000 on original radiator hose


New Member
My girl has been losing water and hubby wasn't in a hurry to find it as I really don't drive it much.
The last time I checked the water level, I ended up putting in a half gallon!
No water in the oil, no obvious signs, until.............
I was driving home from a quick run to the store and I started to smell antifreeze (even though there wasn't
much in there as we didn't want to waste it until we found the leak). The temp gauge was just over 3/4 way so she was hot!
I was about 5 minutes from home, luckily, I made it.
But, when I pulled in the garage it was swooooooooooooshhhhhh!
I thought it was the water pump as the whole front of engine was wet.
Hubby finally looked at it, didn't have a choice as I had to go to an appt. a couple of days away.
Well, getting to my point....can you believe this hose?!
That is 31 years and 220,000 miles on it as it was a factory hose, still had factory clips hubby said.

Mustang Lower Radiator Hose 11-2020 200,000 miles (1).jpgMustang Lower Radiator Hose 11-2020 200,000 miles (2).jpgMustang Lower Radiator Hose 11-2020 200,000 miles (3).jpg