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1990 7Up with only 858 original miles


New Member
Hi, Getting ready to sell my 1990 7Up 5 speed convertible with only 858 original miles. I am the second owner, it is all original including the tires. The original owner had the dealer in Ohio install mud flaps, the silver stripes and also had the car rust proofed. It is a true time capsule with zero leaks and runs like day one. Love the car but need to thin the herd a bit, want to buy a 2021 GT500 and actually drive it lol. The car is in Alberta Canada, we don't have a strong medium for selling collector cars up here so I think I am going to give Bring a Trailer a shot and see what happens. a couple recent fox bodies did fairly well on there. I have the export stamped Ohio Title still so importing back to the States is fairly straight forward. So hopefully there is someone in North America that is looking for a time capsule like this for their collection. I mentioned this in my welcome thread but wanted to get this in the mainstream forum for more to see and looking for thoughts from members as well on suggested places to list it. here are a few pics.




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Please let me know once you arrive on a price. I actually looked at buying on last month but chose against it because it needed too much work.