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1987 LX Paint


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I recently reacquired a 1987 T-top Mustang lx that I owned in1993 while in college. I sold it in 1994. It needs some work to say the least. Anyway, I have included pics from when I bought it in 1993 as well as now. My question is about the two tone paint? Was this an option in 1987. It does not appear to have been done 2nd day at the black at the bottom of the front and read bumper covers is not painted. It seems to have been left black like the belt molding. I have not seen one like it so I was hoping some of you could help. I would like to repaint it as it would have been new.


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Very cool lx! Welcome!

I'm pretty sure 2-tone wasn't an option for the LX models. The earlier cars were offered in this paint scheme with black on bottom. Perhaps a previous owner was a fan?

Here's a pic of my 82 Mercury capri...red/black 2-tone which is original, according to the buck tag.