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1979 Unicorn?


New Member
Hi guys.
So I recently came across (and subsequently purchased) a 1979 Cobra Mustang. It has a Marti report and seems pretty rare. (1 of 122?) Its a 4cyl turbo car. Lux interior, with cobra badging all over it. Came with the TRX package and the original tires/wheels.
Question is, how rare is this, how desirable, and what is a fair asking price.
75k miles, runs great. No rust. Just a little ding in the passenger door.
Thanks for the advice and the forum!


Active Member
They're not rare (although still very cool). Iirc, I've seen numbers on them stating 17k 1979 cobras, but the numbers probably weren't confirmed. Once you break these cars down with a Marti report, you'll find that most of them are "rare" when you consider all the options. The 80-81 cobras are the ones that are getting hard to find. Looks-wise, they're more desirable (unfortunately, the 5.0 wasn't an option during those years...traded for lethargic 260(?) V8 I believe).

Like anything, condition and originality is what will determine value... and these cars constantly fluctuate. If it's in good, driving condition and is truly all original, I could see $5-8k. If it needs restored, it's worth much less. My 79 cobra falls into the "needs restored" category. It's all original, other than stereo, wheels, and alarm system...or at least it was till I pulled the 302 and c4/c5 tranny. It's getting a mild 351w, t5, 8.8 rear, and 87-93 v8 brakes. I'm going to 5-lug swap it using aftermarket axles and rotors. I started a build thread here on this forum, but haven't updated it in a while because I'm concentrating on my 79 pace car.

In my eyes, the 2.3 turbo is the one to have. They're more interesting and you don't see them often, since people usually end up swapping in v8's. If mine were a factory 2.3t, I would have rebuilt it and left it stock. Same with the pace car (originally a 2.3t, but someone swapped in a n/a 2.3....so I went with a stroked 302.)

Post some pics when you get time!