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New Member
Quick question for everyone. The guy who put my engine together also supplied me with a qft slayer 650 carb. I’ve been having issues with the carb since day one. I pulled it apart and cleaned it thoroughly(twice). Put it back together and car starts great but floods out on take off. When pulling the carb apart I noticed that the front bowl has a brass float and the 4 barrel side float is plastic? I mentioned this to him and he is telling me that carbs typically come with one plastic and one brass? Also I’m turning the needles in on the carb (as per his advise) to try and eliminate the flooding and the fuel level is not dropping in the windows. Of course I know that the car needs to run for the level to drop so I run the car with every half turn on the needle. Still no change in the fuel level. My fuel in the bowls is sitting above my windows, drops when running but rises back above the window when I shut the car down regardless of where I have the needle set. So my question is....is the needle stuck?,is the float stuck? Or am I losing my mind?


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Sounds like fuel is getting by the needle and seat, but i would try lowering the bowl level first. You really need to lower the bowl level before adjusting it lower. That means draining the bowl first. This is easy to do in my 79, because i have an electric fuel pump. I just turn the pump off and run the car for a minute or so. If you have a mechanical pump, you'll probably have to physically drain the bowl.


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The newer carbs I've seen have plastic bowls. There are brass replacements you can buy. I've never seen one with a brass on one side and plastic on the other, but anything is possible i guess