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  1. S

    Got Bit! 1993 Cobra owner and destroyer, Hi!

    Hi all! Just another Mustang lover (and hater) here! They are great fun and I've rebuilt just about everything except for the rear-end, ha, ha. Due to water getting sucked into the engine (while running), I had a "sudden" need to rebuild it! So, 347 it is! Found a speed company on eBay...
  2. R

    Cobra brake booster swap

    I have a 1987 LX 5.0 that I did the 5 lug conversion on w sn95 front discs. Still running rear drums. I recently swapped to the Cobra brake booster and now I have very low brake pressure. I didn’t swap the master cylinder. Was told I didn’t need to unless I went to rear discs as well. I have...
  3. Z

    Want to Buy New (NOS BNIB) & Used 87-93 Mustang Parts

    Want To Buy OEM Parts 87-93 New Passenger Headlight 87-93 New/Used Fog Lights 93 Cobra Floor Mats New/Used 93 Cobra Stereo New/Used I am located in Virginia, in the US. I am willing to pay shipping from anywhere, even overseas. Please contact me by my email z.cash18 (at) mail.com or if you're...