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Sticky Body Side Moldings

My 89 has been in storage under breathable cover for most of its life and its now back on the road. The doors have a strip of molding in line with a small piece on the front fender and a small piece on the rear quarter. Both small pieces are smooth and glossy as they should be. But the longer door piece is dull and sticky all over its surface. Its the same on both doors. A co-worker thought a clear plastic cover was missing and the stickiness is the adhesive, but it does not look like a cover is missing to me. Before I try cleaning it, has anyone experienced this and if so what have you done to restore it? Just to be clear, its the top surface of the molding on the doors that are sticky not the adhesive holding the moldings to the door.


Old and tired
You might try some mechanics hand cleaner; works wonders on sticky old steering wheels. Might be best to avoid the products with pumice abrasive in the soap.
Goo Gone would be my next choice. Citrus based I think.
A lot of the fords from the 90's had a similar issue with the steering wheels getting sticky. I'm not sure there's anything you can do for it. It's just deterioration of the rubber. Not sure if that's what's going in with yours or not. As Sawmill stated, you might try some GooGone or even wd40 to get it cleaned up. That will work if the problem is the result of someone using a certain product on it. If that doesn't work, you could try painting them as a last resort. SEM trim paint is what most guys have been having success with, as far as matching the factory look. If all else fails, they are reproducing those moldings and are fairly easy to replace.