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Project foxbody need help

Discussion in '1987 - 1993 Mustang LX' started by Frankz, Jul 23, 2018.


Engine swap or mods

  1. Engine swap

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  2. Mods

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  1. Frankz

    Frankz New Member

    i have a 1993 mustang lx 5.0 302. Has a cold air intake, full exhaust, gears, suspension, short shifter. Everything else is stock. I’m on a tight budget should I engine swap for a blueprint 347 or put a turbo in it with heads intake and cam. Which one should I do
  2. Redtwilight

    Redtwilight Shinigami

    It will all really depend on what you're looking to do with the car and your goals.

    I say engine swap now that will be able to withstand a turbo later on.

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