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Power Window Switch Connectors Don't Match Up Question

Discussion in 'Technical, Maintenance and Modification' started by Steverino, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Steverino

    Steverino New Member

    i Everybody
    I pulled a 92 LX Convertible 4cyl/Auto out of my favorite wrecking yard. There was a TurboCoupe there too so I pulled the drivetrain out of it and put it in the Mustang. Rain and Rats had got in to the interior so I had to put new rear floors in it and I got a real nice interior out of a wrecked Saleen that I'm putting in it. Only problem is the power window switches harness was cut about 6 inches from the switch and the plugs on the bottom of the switch don't match the connectors on the door harness. I don't know the year of car the interior came out of. Please help me figure out how to match these switches and connectors up. Thank You Steve

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