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New to the forum and new to Fox Body Mustangs

Hello form N.E. Ohio. I couldn't ride my 81 Harley shovelhead anymore, so I traded it for a 83 GT Ttop. To be honest I never liked or paid attention to the fox body Mustangs, but was always interested in owning a 5.0 with a 5 speed, so here I am. This car has almost 43000 miles but came with a salvage title that I was a little reluctant at first. I did a car fax on it and still cant find anything that was wrong with the car but did find where a previous owner did a rebuild. The guy I got it off of said that a person before him said something caught on fire under the hood. I can barely find evidence of some repaired wires, and someone changed the distributor to an HEI where I found the plastic cover on the coil is slightly damaged from heat. The guy before me was a blackend type of guy, which I'm not a fan of and will change. I like some color and shine. To shorten this up, I'm liking the car more everyday, and am planning on getting some more horses. I have some plans but I need to learn more about Fox body's. Tomorrow I'm picking up a free 8.8 rearend out of a fox body that has disc brakes, posi and 3.73 gears to clean up and install this winter. No pics because I'm on my lap top and my phone has the pics. I'll get some on here later.
Great looking 4 eye! Welcome to the site.
Feel free to ask any questions you have. I'm sure someone would be able to answer them.
Maybe even start up a build thread. Years down the road it will be interesting to look back at how it has evolved.