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My 90 lx build, sn95 brake swap

Yes I'm going back with aftermarket. I'll be going with the same Strange Hy-Tuff Pro Race 31 spline Fox length axles that is in the car now, but in the 5x114 lug pattern.
Though I am tempted to step up to a 33 spline and full spool even though its way overkill at the moment.
Nice! One day I'll get mine there! But even if it's overkill atm, You got to plan ahead lol
Finally got a double flaring tool and cut my rear brake lines and reflared them with the sn95 fittings, Installed a Ford racing adjustable proportional valve, Connected the passenger line with the adapter as well. Swapped out the Brake booster and master cylinder with the sn95 stuff (PITA but it fits) Now came to the combo valve.Instead of swapping with the sn95 or buying one.If you look at the fox valve and sn valve, both have fitting on the back.Just take the blank plug from the rear of the fox, and remove the line and fittings from the rear of the sn valve and plug them in the factory fox valve, leaving everything in so you retain the shuttle valve while gutting the front half of the valf. Everything is connected and ready for fluid except I have to figure out the brake switch issue. I also included a pic of the rear fitting you need to swap on the combo valve to retain the stock fox valve.The line fitting and the larger one it threads into need to be swapped over to use your factory fox combo valve with sn95 BB/MC...Simple and easy..
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So I've been busy the last few weeks and hadn't gotten a chance to post any updates...But turns out the sn95 brake booster is bad(hear loud hissing/vacuum leaked under dash) so I've got to buy another one....But I did wire tuck the passenger,driver and headlight harness..Then decided to do a little dress up and painted my intake manifold and stripped my valve covers to bare metal and cleared them.Was going to polish them but I liked the bare metal look and stuck with it lol
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Looks so much cleaner without all the wires in view. I'd like to do that to mine one day.

The intake came out great!
Thanks, I was unsure about the intake I didn't want to make it look "ricey" but I like the end results.As far as the wire tuck goes, It was time consuming but pretty simple...I only had to cut and splice two ground wires on the driver side harness.The AC wires are the only ones I didn't hide, But for the passenger and driver side harnesses i just ran them through the hole in the back of the shock tower into the inner fender and plugged back up..I just removed the wire lume from the harness that runs across the firewall and then taped it up tight and tucked it up under the pinch weld.Definately worth the time imo..I hadn't gotten around to the the vacuum lines yet, but I may tackle that while I have the upper intake off.Any questions feel free to ask


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I just seen where you posted your links up above, I'm pretty sure your write up is what I went by when I did mine but it was on allfordmustangs I believe...Thanks a bunch! I guess I'm going to go after the vac trees now lol
I've been on allfordmustang for years so more tan likely it was my write up you saw. Glad I could help
Finally got this Haggard piece rolling again lol.Found these wheels at the salvage yard, idk what they came off of taurus or ranger or something.. Anyways figured I try them out..Got tires put on today..Now she needs a paint job lol
What a coincidence... I'm thinking of painting my coupe green.
Either Green Gem Metallic or 01 Bullit Dark Hyland Green. Though the 2015 Guard Green Mettalic is tempting too!
Hell yeah man be sure to post pics!! I'm waiting for my nephew to find time to come get mine ready for paint, he does body work and prep work at a dealership so he stays pretty busy