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looking for help

Discussion in 'Technical, Maintenance and Modification' started by dmccleary, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. dmccleary

    dmccleary New Member

    Hello, I'm looking for some information, any help would be appreciated. I have a newly acquired mustang that the previous owner has started making some upgrades. I will tell you what I know, it has trick flow heads and roller rockers, long tube headers, explorer intake, a 75mm throttle body and I believe stock injectors and mass air. The issue I'm having is a stumble/surge from 1000-2000 rpm. I was told that installing bigger injectors, throttle body, and injectors would fix this, problem is I don't know what size I need on any of these, or if I need these at all? If anybody has any suggestions it would be a huge help. Thanks.
  2. broncojunkie

    broncojunkie Active Member

    Those heads should flow very well. I believe I would upgrade to 24lb injectors (30 would also work, if they're easier to find). If your injectors are orange, they should be the stock 19 lb. My 24 lb are grey, if that helps.

    While having too little injector can cause a lean fuel mix, I would first check a few other things. Throttle position sensor would be first... then your maf sensor. Your maf needs to be cleaned from time to time. You also may need to adjust/clock your maf. The extra air flow may be causing some odd readings. There's some info on this floating around the interwebs.

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