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I'm new here but I love mustangs as much as the next guy

I own a 89' GT it's mostly stock other than the exhaust headers, and cold air intake. I would post a picture of it but it's in the shop getting painted Destroyer Grey. But when it's done (which should be before October atleast that's what the painter said) I'll post some pictures of it if anyone is interested in seeing how it turns out. My plans for it are to keep it under 350 HP, because I'm just gonna drive it for fun not to go fast. Anyway my plans for what to do is get a cat back exhaust new throttle body just some little things. Hoping someone can help me with finding a exhaust because I'm not trying to throw too much $$$ at it. But I'd like to get some tips on inexpensive mods to do if anyone could that'd be much appreciated. (P.S I'm only 16 and don't have a lot of money or experience)


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Automatics have come a long ways and are much improved over the early slushbox veggie matic days.
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