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Ignition system help

Discussion in 'Welcome New Members' started by SROSY26, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. SROSY26

    SROSY26 New Member

    This is my first mustang and first time I'm actually working on a car myself so please ignore anything that sounds dumb. My goal for the car is to have something fast and fun for a weekend driver. I'm replacing the distributor because the old one broke. When I bought the car a lot of stuff had already been replaced. The car has a 1971 351w and a Mallory promaster coil, with a napa ignition control module and had a stock distributor. I tried replacing it with another stock distributor but the latch had already broke because it was cheap, so I figured I better just upgrade the distributor now. I was looking at the Mallory Unilite but it looks like the wiring would have to be redone and would have to add more parts to do it. Can anyone tell me if I can hook it up with what I have or if I'm going to need to add more parts.
  2. broncojunkie

    broncojunkie Active Member

    The oem distributors are better than the aftermarket stuff, in my opinion. Aftermarket billet distributors look nice but don't offer much in performance improvement and tend to be less reliable. The cap and rotors tend to cost a lot more for aftermarket, as well. Iirc, my msd cap and rotor were around $40... maybe more. Oem was half that for the good quality stuff.

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